Hard Water Issues?

Most of my Indianapolis rental properties have extremely hard water. (I don’t install water softeners … one more thing to maintain and fix.) The sinks and toilets get stained pretty easily.

I’d used everything, trying to remove the stains. Barkeepers Friend did a pretty good job, and someone advised I use Tidy Bowl or other stronger bowl cleaners. But some of those were so toxic, I couldn’t handle the smell.

I happened upon a product called Pumie Scouring Stick, and thought I’d give it a try. And voila! It worked better than anything I’d tried. My own house is on well water, so I have the same problem at home, and this stick has done wonders. It doesn’t have a bad smell. You just scrub it along any hard-to-remove stains. You can find pumice stone at any hardware or big box store.

It also works on rust, grease, mineral deposits, tile, tubs, grout,etc. Now, I always have one of these on hand!