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  1. Bless you dear Barb ! Glad we are friends on facebook and very thankful we had our close friendship way back when. I remember we closed down the restaurant eating our baked potatoes, oh dear.

    I love your blog, the TV interview is great. I’m going to share it with Cameron & his wife, Anne. We are in CA visiting, they have two darling daughters !

    I’m wishing you the best, it’s always great to hear about you, I love the name & cover of your book, yes I think I should get myself a copy !! Brad tried being a landlord in Boise, Idaho, didn’t find it lots of fun. I know you are a blessing to so many people in offering them beautiful homes for what they can afford to pay. Hope to keep in touch, love ya, Barbara


  2. Barbie Barnes! What a wonderful article in the Theta magazine about you. As I was scanning through the magazine I saw the photos of you with Marcia, Barb, Linda and Sue and right away I remembered every one of you for those great years at 607 Russell. Of course, then I read the article more closely – what a life you have! Now I’m on your website and will read more about your landlord tips and watch the video. You’ve done such an outstanding job with all your houses – rewarding yet stressful, I’m sure. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you! Kay Loop Locher (“Looper”)


  3. Hello Barb,

    My name is Alisha Spaulding and I am a sort of new investor. I have been reading and learning about investing for a few years but haven’t bought my first property yet. I just wanted to say you have a great blog here, I have spent the last 2 hours reading your posts and I think you offer some great advice and info. I look forward to reading more and hope we cross paths some day.

    Alisha Spaulding


    • Hi Alisha,

      Thanks for the kind words … how did you find me? I’m always interested to know. Anyway, I’m glad to be of help to people who are starting out, and so happy you’ve found this blog useful. Let me know if there’s any subject matter in particular you’d like me to cover and I’ll certainly do it!



      • Barb,

        I kind of just stumbled across your page doing a few Google searches on tips for buying my first investment property. I know I will have lots of questions when I get started so I will let you know when I have a topic. Thanks for responding!



  4. Hello Barb,

    Since I last wrote, I have put together a group for women who are interested in learning about investing or starting a business, we had our first meeting on Saturday and it went great! I suggested your book to another young lady who is interested in doing real estate also, and I told her you were out of Indiana as well. We both want to buy our first property within the next month or two and were wondering if you would be willing to meet with us at a local Panera or Starbucks to chat about buying our first property? My email is alishajspaulding@yahoo.com, please let me know if you will consider meeting us.




  5. I’ve been looking at lots of landlord blogs lately, and yours is my favorite. I’ll be following your posts and placing a link to The Landlord Chronicles on my blog soon. Keep up the good work.


  6. Barb, found you with a Google search. Just ordered your book.
    Looking forward to being part of your followers.
    I own 3 units now. Looking to add 1 every 6 months.
    I will keep in touch !



    • Hi Gary,
      Glad to hear you’re jumping on the bandwagon! Adding a unit every six months is an aggressive plan … good luck in your journey … I hope my book adds to your knowledge base!


  7. I purchased your book its a great read. Do you have a morgage specialist for financing. I have equity and may need some custom deals to get my next rental. I really think single family homes are mything. I’m not sure a about multi family yet.


  8. Hi Dear,
    I am looking to contact the Barbara who did pen and ink drawings for DSH in the mid 90s. I’m writing a book for the Meridian Street historic district. Contact me if you would. I’m using my WP account here. But you can email me at Kassie at WritingWithMom dot com . Thanks so much 🙂


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