A Bit About Barb

Barb graduated Purdue and married soon after. Her family settled in Indianapolis in 1980.

Tragedy struck in 1992, when her son was killed in a car accident and divorce followed soon thereafter. She bought a small home needing repairs, and following the fix-up, she and her daughters moved in.

Pleased with that first project, Barb purchased her first duplex (with little money, no credit and no experience), hoping she had the wherewithal to be a landlord. She eventually built her portfolio to 29 units — a mix of single and multi-family, low and middle income rentals, which she manages personally. She has been interviewed by  CNBC.com  and the article also appeared in USA Today. She’s also been quoted in 2011/2012 issues of the Personal Real Estate Investor magazine, and did a podcast with renown investor Jason Hartman.  Barb has also added consulting and speaking engagements to her business.

She started a property management company, handling high-income homes for in- and out-of-state investors who find the Indianapolis market attractive.  When she added her real estate broker’s license, her client base grew, and recently had to stop the property management business.  Her book, The Landlord Chronicles: Investing in Low and Middle Income Rentals, offers common sense advice to both new and seasoned investors.

Although she hasn’t had an easy road, Barb is financially and emotionally invested in her work. Click below to watch a video showing scenes she faces as a landlord in the inner city. It’s very compelling.

Click here

Armed with a positive attitude and a strong sense of humor, Barb Getty is making a difference in her tenants’ lives, the neighborhood and the city as well.

6 thoughts on “A Bit About Barb

  1. Hi Barb, read the great article about you in the summer issue of Theta Magazine. I love that you are doing such great things in Downtown Indianapolis. I am part of an non-profit organization, Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (www.indydt.com).


    • Hey Tamara, Thanks for the kind comment! I checked out IDI … very cool. I’ve saved it to my favorites and will certainly pass it on! Here’s to our wonderful city and all you’re doing, as well … !


  2. Hi all,
    I met Barb during my research of a realtor in Indianapolis, im an overseas investor since, I’m working tightly with her.
    As a person she’s amazing- on my first visit in Indianapolis, without knowing me before, she took me to visit and to discovered the city’s nebirhoo, my visit was a dream thanks to her. it was a great experience.
    As a realtor, she’s working hard, doing more then I would expect, shes there always for me.
    I appreciate her as a professional and admire her as a person .
    Thank you Barb
    Aline bitan


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