Ground Clear!

I try to keep up with all the trimming, weed control, etc. at my Indianapolis rental properties. It’s a challenge.

At my own home, I’ve had the same issues … the back of my property runs along a small creek, and weeds, undergrowth, etc. have crept up into the yard. I finally had someone come and clear it all out. I asked him how to control regrowth, as I don’t want to lose any of my property to weeds!

He suggested I purchase Ortho Ground Clear. He sprayed it all along the back edge of my property after he’d cleared out all the undergrowth. Thistles galore, mulberry, etc. That was about a month ago. Evidently, this product keeps weeds away for a up to a YEAR! Just to make sure, I purchased a gallon myself and went down to respray last week. There was NO evidence of thistles resurfacing, and all the small junk saplings showed no “rebirth.” Another nice feature … The sprayer has an “on” switch, so no pumping.

When spring rolls around, I’ll recheck the area, allow some grass to grow, and respray the areas I’d like to remain clear. Of all the weed removal products I’ve used at my rentals over the years, Ground Clear is the big winner. I plan to take Ground Clear to my rentals as well, because this stuff definitely works!

Beautify …

I encourage the tenants in my Indianpolis rental properties to plant flowers and shrubs on the property if they’re so inclined.  Most are not, especially if they’re struggling financially.  Understandable.  If you don’t have much disposable income, you’re not going to consider using it to buy flowers and mulch.

The home in the picture below used to be barren in the front.  I hadn’t gotten around to planting anything along the front porch, although it would’ve enhanced the curb appeal.  But then Shelby moved in and little by little, the outside of this rental property got a facelift!

photo (3)First, the front of the house got a fresh coat of white paint, with my permission of course.  Dirt and dust from the street had grayed it down.  Then the dark gray trim got repainted, followed by the porch floor.

And this spring, the finishing touches … more plants added, a border, a couple of beautiful hibiscus trees and some mulch to finish it off.

I wish I had a “before” picture to show … if you look at the video clip on the home page of this blog under “A Bit About Barb” it’s the first home I drive by … but anyway, it used to be plain and a little tired looking but now?  Warm, inviting, cared for … I love the look!

I’ll continue to encourage my tenants to beautify their exteriors, but for now, I wish I had more Shelbys!