Rubberized Flooring?



I’m always looking for durable flooring to put in kitchens at my Indianapolis rentals — something easy to clean, easy on the feet, and a surface that won’t show dirt or scuff marks. I came across Amorim Sports Floors at Lowe’s and thought I’d try it in one of my smaller kitchens. (It’s not cheap, at around $100 for a 4×10′ roll.)

As you can see in the picture, it’s black with a little fleck in it, which makes it great for basements, playrooms, workshops, pet or utility rooms, and in my case, a kitchen! This floor comes with a five year warranty, and is easy to clean and install, with a utility knife and a straight edge.


You can lay it and secure it with double-sided tape, to keep it from moving around. I had my handyman do it for me, and he removed the quarter round, laid the floor and reinstalled the quarter round over it.

The floor’s been down for over a year now and still looks new. I’m done with sheet vinyl … it’s just not durable. I do have ceramic in a couple of places, but in homes that are sometimes 100+ years old, you often have to install a new subfloor before laying the tile, and it can be a very costly project. With this type of floor, it doesn’t matter if the floor isn’t perfect in every area. And it’s so easy on the feet!

I’m going to give it more time before giving it a 4-star rating, but it may be a great option for future kitchen, bath and laundry areas. Amorim may be the answer!

Rubber Flooring?

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to prolong the life of flooring in my rentals.  Carpet, laminates, sheet vinyl, ceramic and vinyl tiles . . . they get damaged, wear out, and it seems I’m always replacing them.

I’ve settled on berber carpet for living areas.  It doesn’t mat down, and it cleans well.  I don’t buy solids — dirt and stains show too easily.  There are lots of styles with a fleck pattern in mixed shades of taupe and brown that work beautifully.

But I hadn’t found anything I was thrilled about for my kitchens and baths.  That is, until today.  I’d seen rubber tiles in a couple kitchens and baths in a fourplex in the Chatham Arch area of Indianapolis.  A good friend of mine is buying there . . . the area is fantastic, and attracts young professionals.  These tiles gave the kitchen a funky/retro look and were very comfortable.  I thought the floor came in one piece but on further inspection, I noticed it was 20″ tiles.  Very cool … and so durable!  So I set out to research the product.

Here’s what I found:

This is two tiles, locked together.  The trade name is Flexi-Tile.  As you can see, they fit like puzzle pieces, and all you need to install them is a rubber mallet and a utility knife.  The raised circles in this pattern give it a 3-D effect.   You really can’t tell where one tile stops and another begins.

They come in several colors, as you can see in the photo to the right..    So, you ask, what about price?  They’re not cheap . . . to do a 10×15′ room would cost about $350 in materials.  BUT, you don’t need glue, remember, so installation should be inexpensive, and these things hide minor cracks and bumps in older floors . . . you don’t need to worry about laying a sub-floor in most cases, which is great.  And they come with a 25-year guarantee.

I’m definitely going to give these tiles a try on my next rehab project.  I’ve had too many kitchen and bath floors ruined, and these tiles are nearly indestructible.  Other applications are basements, playrooms, garages, laundry areas . . . I’ll let you know how it goes!