Hoarder Strikes Again . . .

Well, I’ve just about had it.  This is a duplex I was selling on contract.  I did the deal with Martha back in ’06 and all was good.

Bu slowly, she started to collect “stuff.”  In the back yard, in the house, and now in the front yard and on the porch.  I’ve confronted her about it, and she insists she “needs” all of it.

The Board of Health has sent me two letters about the junk that has piled up at her property.  The last letter was in April of 2011.  At that time, I wrote her a letter and told her that if I got one more letter from the BOH, I was going to foreclose on her. 

And sure enough, the inevitable happened.  I got the letter last week and contacted my attorney.  She’s not going to be happy but it’s not as if I didn’t warn her!  This is crazy stuff.  It’ll take a while to process the court papers — maybe two or three months at the most — but it’ll be worth it to me to get her out. 

I just hope she doesn’t leave me any of her junk!

Onward and upward ….