Baby, It’s COLD Outside!

As a landlord, I dread seeing this on my TV:

BrrrI try to keep abreast of the weather and contact my tenants with good advice on preventing their water pipes from freezing.  I include these tips in my monthly tenant letter, but reminders are valuable for all of us.  Here are some great tips I’ve gathered through the years:

1)  Run a thin stream of hot AND cold water from each faucet in the house.

2)  Open cabinet doors under all sinks.

3)  If possible, open access covers to expose pipes to bath tubs/showers, etc.  Sometimes these are just panels that are screwed on.  It helps to take the panel off and allow the warm air from the room to circulate around those pipes.  I even had one plumber tell me to put a small fan on low speed and direct it toward the opening.

By the way, in the event the pipes do burst, you must turn the water off immediately, of course.  I always make sure my tenants know where the shut-off is in the basement of the house, just in case the worst happens.  If not, the water co. has to be summoned to shut the water off at the pit outside.

When I saw this recent weather report, I sent a mass text to all of my tenants, reminding them to take care of their pipes.  I’ve been lucky so far this winter, but the end is not in sight!  Ugh …

Fingers and toes crossed …