Cockroach Buffet

This is a picture of a Sunday afternoon cockroach buffet.  The only item on the menu was Max Force bait gel, a spiffy little product made by Bayer.

I had evicted my tenants from this house. They left before the court date and when I went in the duplex I was greeted by several hundred fleas and cockroaches.  Nice.

Initially, these tenants were pretty decent — I do apartment checks and theirs looked good — but things went downhill over a couple months.  There were loud arguments with relatives in the front yard, resulting in calls to the police.  Then they brought a dog onto the property.  When I discovered this I filed eviction immediately, but the dog had already been inside (thus, the fleas) and their lives were coming apart at the seams (thus, the cockroaches).

So, back to the Max Force bait gel … cockroaches are so very hard to kill … they can live for nine days without their heads!  Ick.  They’ve been around for thousands of years, and they keep evolving their way out of every poison used to get rid of them.  But Max Force truly does the trick.

You put tiny dots of it in crevices and along the baseboards, under sinks, stoves and inside cabinets.  And they come for the buffet.  They eat it, get it on their feet, and take it back to the nest.  Their buddies ingest it too.  (They actually eat eachothers’ poop — am I giving you too much information here?)

Anyway, within a few days, you start seeing a lot of dead ones, and several who are moving slow, feeling sickly.  I love it!  Bombs don’t work.  They kill a few but don’t reach the ones who aren’t crawling around in the open.  Max Force reaches all of them.

The buffet crowd in the picture above gathered within a few minutes of me putting a small dot of Max Force in that spot.  I’m going back tomorrow and will be thrilled to see a cockroach graveyard in that duplex.

Oh, and I also sprayed for fleas, of course.  The product is Ultracide spray.  I buy both products from my pest control people here in Indianapolis, but you can get Max Force on line for about $10-12/tube.  I don’t leave home without it.

Onward and upward …..  🙂