Bar Keepers Friend is My Friend

Comet, Ajax, Zud … these products have been around for a while.  Soft Scrub appeared much later.  But Bar Keepers Friend has been around since 1882!  It was invented by a chemist here in Indianapolis and has been going strong ever since.

I encounter some very nasty cleaning challenges in my rental properties, and I found this product was superior to all the other similar cleansers on the market.  I buy two or three containers at a time so my tool caddy will never be without it.

You can’t use it with a paper towel or wash cloth . . . you need to use one of those dark green scrubbers . . . I think they’re made by Scotch Brite.  For tub and shower floors, I use a scrub brush with this product.  But it does the work.  It removes hard water stains, soap scum and rust stains as well.  Sometimes I combine it with Krud Kutter, another one of my favorite cleaning products, which comes in a spray bottle.

Here’s the bottom line: when you own rental properties and do a lot of your own work, you want to accomplish things quickly.  So, I’ve done a lot of research and tried many products through the years.   Most of the products I use at my rentals can be found in my own house as well.

This blog is about sharing my wisdom with other investors, and I hope to save my readers time and money!  And Bar Keepers Friend is a little known product that can do just that . . .

Onward and upward!   🙂