Before and After

As the years have gone by, I’ve updated the insides and exteriors of most of my rentals. The result is that I’m finding more responsible tenants who are staying for years.

Even through Covid, I’ve been able to keep all my tenants — remarkable!

This is a duplex I purchased over 16 years ago. I’ve replaced the roof, windows and updated the interiors. However, the exterior left a lot to be desired. It has aluminum siding which wasn’t in terrible shape, and wood trim around all the windows, which required upkeep and repainting.

I recently had the exterior painted with a Sherwin Williams product. The contractor had to scrape and prep everywhere, so the paint would last 8-10 years. I chose a little deeper color for aluminum window wraps to cover the wood, along with acontrasting exterior door color.

What a difference!

Doing these updates has made my life so much easier as a landlord … Onward and upward!

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