Best Little Utility Knife Ever

Struggling with my Stanley utility knife, trying to cut through the stubborn plastic surrounding a new Kwikset door lock set — you’d think they were worth thousands of dollars! — I decided I just needed a new blade in it. Got the screwdriver out, fumbled around and installed the new one … annoying.

Anyway, the next time I was at my local big box store, I asked an employee which knife  he’d recommend, and he immediately pulled his out of his pocket and gave me a demo on the spot. I was instantly impressed. Of course, I had to get the red one — it was nicer looking than the black one.  🙂  Here it is:


It’s ergonomic and lightweight, but strong enough to cut through thick plastic and other materials. And best of all, when the blade gets a little dull, you just press a little button on the handle, and it releases the current blade. You can turn it around and use the other end, or insert a new one, in seconds. No wasted time! And it was about $8.00. Money well spent, for sure.

Another great tool to add to my list of must-haves. Buy a Husky utility knife for your own tool collection, you won’t regret the purchase!


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