Caulk Gun and Caulk … The Search

Pictures of my best finds, in a caulk gun and water-base caulk:

FullSizeRender copy










I always try to save myself time when working on my rentals, and I’ve bought several caulk guns through the years. They leak caulk — even the ones that claim to be “dripless.” I end up with white caulk on my dark carpet. (Ugh.) They’re heavy, the handle isn’t user friendly, etc. This gun, made by Newborn, is excellent. The handle is ergonomic, allows you to work with the gun for a prolonged period of time if necessary. It’s also very light weight. It has a tip cutter, of course, and it really is dripless. I bought it at my local Porter Paint store (PPG)  for about $14 and it’s been worth every penny!

So while I was there, I decided I’d try their water-base caulk as well. It’s actually cheaper than the cheap Alex or DAP brands I’d been using. It’s called Top Gun 140 acrylic sealant. What a pleasant surprise! It’s a lot stickier consistency, but still went on smoothly and I’m thinking it’ll probably hold up a lot better than the others. It’s the same soap and water clean-up.

As I said, I’m all about making my life easier … hope this tip makes yours easier as well. Onward and upward!  🙂

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