Stopping Water Leaks


It’s official … July goes down as the wettest on record here in Indianapolis. Farmers, golf course and other business owners, and homeowners everywhere are trying to stay afloat. It’s been tough.

As a landlord here in Indianapolis, this summer’s been a challenge for sure. Incredible amounts of rain have fallen throughout the city, and homes and basements have flooded everywhere. The ground has become so saturated, the water has nowhere to go and it comes right through cement block basements.

Years ago, I came across a couple products that helped seal cement block basement walls. They’re UGL Fast Plug, and UGL latex-base Dry Lok. The Fast Plug is a powder cement product that you mix with cold water and apply to the wall — quickly! This stuff sets up fast. You press it into the holes, and it even stops active leaks. But again, you have to work quickly. So, it’s best to mix small amounts at a time. I use a throw-away container to mix it. Your putty knife will clean up with water. Also, I wear thin latex gloves to apply the product.

When that dries, you can paint the entire wall with the latex Dry Lok paint product. It’s really thick, and it is also a sealer. I use a thick-nap, inexpensive roller sleeve — 1/2″ is good — and I just throw it out when I’m done.

These products are a good alternative to having someone come and dig down on the exterior to seal the block from the outside, which is hugely expensive. And I know, from experience, that it often works.

It takes a little time, but why not save some money and try the DIY route if you can? (And pray for a drier summer next year!)

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