Inexpensive Updates

When you’re trying to sell your home, you realize you may have ignored some cosmetic issues, repair issues, decorative updates … lots of things just tend to “slip through the cracks” over the years.

I was helping someone sell their condo recently and she had an excellent idea that would give this 90s kitchen sink area a little facelift, without costing her an arm and a leg. Here’s what she was working with:

photo[1] (2)

As you can see, the ceramic tile above the sink wasn’t damaged anywhere, but with the thin forest green line of tile, it looked dated. She decided to buy some 12×12 sheets of decorative tile, remove an entire row of the white tile (along with the narrow green strip) and freshen up the area, without replacing the counter top or cabinets.



photo[1] (3)
The finished look is fantastic. It updates the entire area, although she spent very little money in the process. The cabinet handles were also dated, so she invested in a couple of contractor 10-pack bronze handles from Home Depot and switched them out. I told her to make sure she took an old one with her to the store, so she could ensure that the holes lined up. (Some are 3″ apart, some 3 1/4 or more.) The hinges were close enough in color, so they could remain.


Small changes, nice effect! I’ve also painted older oak cabinets with semi-gloss white paint, for a fresh update. There are lots of options you can choose, aside from a total tear-out (and a total wipe-out of your wallet!)







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