Retire in Indianapolis? What?

Retire in Indianapolis?  Crazy, right?

Well, crazy smart, according to a recent Market Watch article titled “Retire Here, Not There.”  Hoosier hospitality is alive and well, and along with affordability, activities and amenities, we’re attracting retirees who are deciding they can handle the harsh weather because the plusses outweigh the minuses.

The cost of living in Indiana is close to 11% below the national average, and with home prices averaging around $111,000 and income tax at a flat 3.4%, this is a very affordable state … easy on the nest egg.  And while Indianapolis used to be called “IndiaNO-place” the downtown area is now a bustling, vibrant place to be … arts and culture, the symphony, opera, fine restaurants and fun pubs, Pacers and Colts, walking and biking trails … I personally know several people who have downsized after their kids graduated from college and are now living in upscale condos downtown.

The other Indiana cities mentioned in the article are Columbus, Evansville and Bloomington.  If you’d like to check out the full article, here’s the link:

Personally, I’ll be staying here for a long, long time.  I love this city.  But I can assure you, when the cold weather hits, I’ll be heading south for a week here and there, whenever I get the chance!


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