Foster The Change

Many of the rentals I personally own are in the inner city of Indianapolis.  I bought there, back in the 90s, because of a government program called “Weed and Seed.”  Law enforcement was teaming up with community, educational and spiritual leaders to rid blighted areas of drugs, prostitution, gangs and the crimes that accompany them.

Indianapolis (Haughville area, to be exact) had tremendous success with the program, and was used as a national model for “Weed and Seed.”  While there are still issues with poverty and crime, I’ve seen progress.

I’ve tried to carry that progress into my personal journey with my rentals, by carefully choosing tenants, and being a strong, positive presence in the neighborhood.  Part of this is accomplished by putting responsibility and accountability on my tenants.  They’re required to keep the yard and garbage areas clean, and their apartments clean inside. 

I’ve also encouraged other landlords to jump on board by improving their properties and tenant mix.  This is how neighborhoods turn around … I urge my tenants to watch each others’ backs, and to keep an eye on suspicious activity and report it to the police immediately.  When authorities know the residents care, they’re more likely to respond.

Improving my rentals puts a better face on the neighborhood, and when I see others doing the same, I always stop and compliment them on the “facelift” in progress. 

Slowly but surely, as residents feel a sense of pride and community, blighted neighborhoods can make a turnaround.  Be part of the change … the reward may come slowly, but it will come.

Onward and upward! 

May 2014 bring you all good health, happiness and prosperity! 🙂



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