Another Shortcut

As you know, I’m always looking for ways to save time and money at my rentals and my own home.  My friend Carrie was helping me at one of my rentals and came up with the shortcut you’ll see in this video.  As you watch, take note of the kitchen counter!  My last blog post dealt with countertops, and the kitchen in this rental needed a little face lift.  We painted the oak cabinets with white semi-gloss paint, and replaced the countertop with laminate — a dark fleck that resembles a granite look.  Durable, fresh, crisp look, but inexpensive.

Here’s the video:

I had to shorten the video a bit, but you get the point!  I don’t like doing baseboards, and if you use a lightweight mop, this job goes quickly.  Carrie had all the baseboards and window sills in this 1200 sq. ft. home done in about 10 minutes.  Gotta love it, right?

When applicants walk into a home that’s clean and well-maintained, they’re more likely to keep it that way.

And as I come across more tips, tricks and techniques, I’ll continue to pass them on …



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