I’m always searching for a quality, low-cost answer when considering replacing countertops at my rental properties in Indianapolis.  There are so many options, it can make your head spin!

I found a good article online, linked to the Realtor Magazine I receive.  It details several surfaces, prices, and also touches on durability of each of the materials, so I thought I’d pass it along.  Here’s the link to the article:

The least expensive, of course, is laminate, and there are several patterns that mimic the look of the more expensive granites.  Some are matte, and others have a beautiful sheen.  I’ve used them in my middle-income rentals with good results.  They also give a nice upgraded look to my lower-end rentals, at little extra cost.

But my high-end owners prefer I go with the high-end materials, of course.  They — and their tenants — expect stainless steel appliances, high-end amenities and fine materials to be used throughout the home.  We usually go with granite, and everyone’s happy.

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