The “We Care” Garden

Bad news hits the media quickly … good news trickles in slowly.  I came across this beautiful little community garden as I left one of my rentals one day.  It’s nestled in between homes that range from well-manicured to neglected, in one of the lower-income areas of Indianapolis.

We Care Garden

As it turns out, one of my tenants, Shelby, helped throughout the process of creating this space.  It was the brain child of a community-based organization called We Care, which tends to the area parks, picks up trash in the neighborhood,and just tries to improve the area in general.

This little plot of land was designated as a community garden, and community leaders (Tim, Leah, Dixie) as well as Shelby and a few others, went to work.

Lowe’s donated some of the vegetable plants — there are tomatoes, corn, potatoes, onions, carrots, peas, beans, radishes and several herbs.  The gazebo, two peach and apple trees were received through grant monies.

Neighbors tend the garden and reap the benefits.  We hear the down side of our inner cities.  But good works are being done as well.  The We Care garden is a testament to that.  What a wonderful way to support your neighbors, your community … small efforts such as these can effect positive change in our inner cities.

As a landlord who tries to offer decent housing that improves the overall look of my rental areas, I salute fine the work these people are doing in their neighborhood.  Kudos to them!  🙂

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