Indianapolis Rental Market Going Strong …

I’ve owned and managed rental properties in Indianapolis for 18 years … it’s been quite the journey.  (See “A Bit About Barb” along the top of this blog site.)  I started with low-income properties, moved into middle income and have added high-end property management to my repertoire.

The low-income rental market will remain constant, regardless of what’s going on in the economy.  After all, everyone needs a place to rest their head, and those who earn 25K or less will be life-long renters.  They seek a well-maintained rental, accompanied by an attentive landlord … and that’s where I come in.

But the upper level rental market in Indianapolis — and across the country — is booming.  Thousands of people lost their homes to foreclosure and although their credit is a mess because of it, they still have decent jobs and the ability to make rent payments.  They won’t be able to buy a home but they want to live in one, of course!  The other factor is, there are many who have lost faith in “the American dream” of home ownership and are becoming renters by choice.  They can afford to buy but are choosing not to.  They don’t trust the government, the economy, the stability of the real estate market.  They’re happy to be renters, not buyers.   And again, that’s where I come in.  And many others as well …

Hedge funds, huge companies like American Homes For Rent, and thousands of international buyers are snapping up homes, doing a quick rehab and renting them out.  I just sold a home to a woman from Singapore who was spending two weeks here in Indianapolis, and hoping to buy 40 rental properties in that time.

The Indianapolis rental market has always been steady … a good money maker.  Even when the real estate market tanked, we weren’t hit nearly as hard as many states.  And with the growth of our downtown area and wonderful suburbs, the sky’s the limit.

Life is good …

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