Trash or Treasure?

You know what they say … one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  I do occasional checks at all of my Indianapolis rental properties, to ensure that my tenants are taking care of the inside and outside of my properties.

From time to time, I encounter a scene like this one:

#18, Ch8Overwhelming!  At first glance, I was appalled.  Obiously, my tenant had a “thing” with watermelons, mobiles and knickknacks in general.  Personally, I don’t like clutter.  My kitchen counter tops are mostly clear of “stuff” and when things stack up, my brain feels cluttered as well.  My design style is sort of minimalist, I guess you’d say.  And this tenant?  Would we call her a MAXimalist?  (Is that a word?  Haha)

Anyway, my first response to this scene was quite negative and I figured I’d be having a corrective interview with her immediately but, upon closer inspection, I discovered that her unit wasn’t dirty.  It was just … well … full.  Cleanliness has absolutely nothing to do with decorating style.

I evict people for being dirty tenants, among other things.  But unless the situation reaches a level where the building is threatened in any way, I’ll never evict someone for filling their apartment with items they love.

This tenant stayed with me for a couple of years and when she moved out, she lovingly packed up every little knickknack.  My rental unit was left spotless.

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