Cheap Flooring That Looks Fantastic

Take a look at these pictures … the kitchen and bathroom floors used to have sheet vinyl, and for this project, I had my sub-contractor Adam go right over them with this beautiful product:

KitchenBathroomSo, what would you think it is???  Laminate?  Hardwood?  Wrong on both guesses!  It’s flexible vinyl plank flooring  … peel and stick vinyl, no less!  The pictures don’t really do it justice, but this stuff looks like wood or wood laminate and is very durable and water resistant, too.

It comes in strips that are either 4×36″ or 6×48″, covering 30 or 40 square feet per box, at a cost of $30 and $47.  Soo reasonable!  And very easy to install.  Adam did this work for me but since I’ve laid the 12″ square peel and stick tiles, I could’ve installed these myself, I’m sure.  If you buy a few extra, you’ll have some to replace in case one or two might get damaged down the road.

So, if you’re looking at updating those vinyl floors, you might consider this product.  It comes in a wide variety of colors and is available at all of the big box stores in the area. Come on, DIY people, you can do this!  Happy experimenting ……

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