Before and After …

I run into some pretty nasty cleaning issues but over the years, I’ve stumbled across some fantastic solutions for the worst of the worst!  Here’s a recent example:  prior to evicting my tenant, Kenneth, I reminded him to make sure he left the apartment clean and empty.

Hmmm … evidently, he has a hearing problem!  Haha!  When I come across these situations, I don’t get angry, I get busy.

BeforeIt doesn’t show up well in the picture, but there was a thick layer of food and grease on the stove top.  And this stove was NEW when he moved in eight months ago.  (Sigh)

I attacked it with my trusty bottle of Krud Kutter spray.  I’ve mentioned it here before but it deserves more accolades … I use it on counter tops, floors, sinks, toilets and appliances.  Spray it on, let it sit for a couple minutes, then scrub it off with a Scotch Brite (dark green) scrub pad or a wet cloth.

Here’s the after picture:

Brand new again, right?

photoWith minimal work on my part, too.  Before my next tenant moves in, I’ll put some foil under the burners to protect the stove top.  It helps.

Also, the apartment checks help too … Kenneth had done well for several months, but then his life seemed to start unraveling.  He got laid off, found another job — less money — got laid off from that one after a couple months, etc.  He was depressed, of course.  And his apartment reflected the havoc that was occuring in his work life.  That’s why, as a landlord, I can’t take things for granted … situations change, people change …

Anyway, my new tenant is excited about this place; we’ll see how it goes.

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