Update Those Cabinets!

I manage homes for other investors and do some of the work myself.  Here’s a 90s kitchen that got a facelift at a very reasonable price….these cabinets were the standard oak when I started:

Mid-wayThey weren’t damaged, they were just dated.  So I cleaned them lightly and bought some Glidden Gripper for the primer. I like it better than Kilz or Zinsser primers because it’s thick, doesn’t have a nasty smell, and my top coat can cover in one coat.  I applied it with a 6-inch roller that had a short nap, and used a 2-inch angled brush where necessary.

I was able to repaint in a few hours with my Valspar satin white paint.  Of course, semi-gloss will also work.   The finished product looked fantastic:



So, for the price of a couple of gallons of paint, we had braind new cabinets!  We took it a bit further and got rid of the old counter top too, replacing it with a granite-look formica — $450.  Not bad, huh?

The flooring was a mess … peel and sticks over sheet vinyl.  Quite a job to get that up — but we replaced it with the modern version of peel and sticks, which closely ressembles wood plank flooring.  It’s extremely durable and water resistant, and easy to install.  Definitely worth checking out when you’re looking at flooring options.  I’m going to post close-up pictures of that, and talk about it in another upcoming blog.

Honestly, you really don’t have to spend thousands and thousands if you don’t have the wherewithal to do so.  A little creativity can go a long way … onward and upward!

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