Clean-up in Aisle Three …

So, I evicted Brianna and stopped in to check out the house yesterday.  There was trash in every room of this three-bedroom rental, including a few bags of open garbage.  As you can see in the picture below, she owned a broom but maybe just didn’t know how to use it?

She also stole some of the curtains from the windows.  (Glad I buy them at Family Dollar, for about $10/window!)

I had told Brianna what I tell all of the people I evict:  “If you leave the place clean and empty, and you’re out before your court date, I’ll drop the proceedings against you.”   For many tenants, this is an attractive incentive, and they comply.

Brianna didn’t care about that.  She stayed til the bitter end.  She had to be out five days after the hearing (for which she didn’t show up), and she was gone one day ahead of time.   But, just couldn’t quite get everything out:

This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I bring my rake (yes, I said rake!) and 55-gallon trash bags and get the place ready for my next tenant.

Brianna wasn’t behind in her rent.  I don’t allow pets and she had a couple dogs in there. (I discovered this when I was at the house doing some outside work.)  She was evicted for violating our pet policy.  Throughout the eviction process, I was respectful — this is important — and she didn’t leave angry.  The mess she left behind wasn’t due to anger or resentment on her part … she was just a slob.

Brianna was neat and tidy in the early part of her tenancy but things had fallen apart in her life and she wasn’t keeping the place in very good order.  She was on thin ice with me over this before the dog incident … I discovered this fact during one of my periodic apartment checks.

The moral of this story?  Always protect your investment by doing occasional checks of the interior.  And, don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control, like the scenes in this blog piece.  Get the rake and the bags, and get it back up and running!

Onward and upward … 🙂

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