Here’s a little video that’ll remind you of that “Hoarders” show.  I’ve had this tenant for about five years now and, unfortunately, she’s buying the house from me on contract, i.e. I’m “the bank.”  I’ve done a couple of these deals successfully but this one isn’t quite working out …

Martha cleaned up the mess, but I basically had to threaten her.  If I get one more notice from the Board of Health, she’s gone.  Since she’s on a land contract, it won’t be a simple “go to the small claims court, file eviction and she’s out in two or three weeks.”  I’ll need to involve an attorney and he’ll file it downtown.  If she doesn’t go voluntarily, it may take a few months.  This happened one other time, and it cost me five months and about $650 in attorney fees and court costs.

Sigh … so for now, it’s all good.  But I’m afraid that with Martha, the proverbial writing is on the wall.  And in the back yard …

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