Anger Issues…

I’ve never had a tenant tear up my rental out of resentment or anger toward me.  But something went on here that wasn’t pretty!

Theo had been with me for over five years and I’d never had an issue with him.  But a new girlfriend entered the scene, with a pit bull in tow, and I told Theo it was the dog or him … I’m an animal lover but I don’t allow pets in my rentals.  I’ve made a few exceptions along the way, but this wasn’t going to be one of them.  I gave Theo a second chance and even a third, but he — evidently — couldn’t stand up to the girlfriend, so he had to go.

There must’ve been some wacky stuff going on in there toward the end, because there are holes in many of the walls.  When I took down Theo’s “patch job” here’s what was behind it:

Nothing!  A black hole leading into space under the roof.  (It’s an upstairs apartment.)  Occasionally I come across fist-size holes in walls, but man-size holes?  We’re talking major anger issues here!

Anyway, this happened in a short span of time, and landlords can’t control everything, all of the time.  Even the best tenants can turn bad, quickly.  I made good money on Theo for over five years, and it was time for some cosmetic work on his place anyway.  I just thought it would be Botox, not a major facelift!

I’m just glad I’m a laid back person.  This stuff doesn’t happen often, especially if you do apartment checks.  I’ll whip this place into shape in no time, and hopefully get another long-term renter in there soon.

Onward and upward!   🙂

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