Carl had been renting from me for five years at my fourplex..  Never missed a payment.  Then, one day when I was at the property to talk to one of my other tenants, I heard a dog barking in his apartment.  And I don’t allow pets.  Hmmm….

I knocked on the door and Carl answered.  The dog, an aggressive pit bull mix, was going crazy behind him.  I calmly told Carl we don’t allow pets and the dog had to go.  “He belongs to my girlfriend.  I told her he can’t be here, but she keeps bringing him.”  I replied, “You need to tell her that if the dog is still here tomorrow, you’ll be evicted.”

I thought that would take care of it.  Carl was apologetic, understanding.  I stopped by the next day and the dog was still there.  Sadly, I told Carl I was filing on him.  I told him that if he could be out before his court date, I’d drop the charges.  And that’s what happened.  Carl moved out.  I’d told him to leave his key on the kitchen counter.

I went to the apartment the other day and, as I put my key in the door, I heard a dog bark!  What?  His girlfriend opened the door … Carl was out, and she was still there!  She said he was coming back for some things that weren’t out yet.  Okay.

I went today, and the dog, the girlfriend and Carl are gone.  But I let myself in and there were two people I’ve never met, one was sleeping on the floor, one was sitting against the wall, texting somone.  Awkward!  (Glad I had my gun in my pocket, just in case.)

I informed them that I’m the landlord and the locks will be changed tomorrow by 4:00 PM.  I told them if they were still there, I’d be calling the police to physically remove them.  I was totally pissed off, but was careful not to show it.  If I’d been disrespectful, God only knows what they’d do to the property, damage-wise.

Bottom line?  I allowed Carl to move out without filing eviction on him, although he belived I was going to do it.  I trusted him and decided I’d save my $82 filing fee.  I knew he’d move out.  He’d been a wonderful tenant who couldn’t stand up to the girlfriend with the dog.  But he — obviously — had a few low-life friends who helped themselves to his property.

I should’ve known better.  I usually file the eviction, regardless, to protect myself in case my tenant doesn’t show good faith and move out.  Carl moved out as promised.  But his low-life friends moved in!  I’ll be smarter next time …

Onward and upward … 🙂

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