Before and After

Many of my rentals are 100 years old.  I know, that sounds scary … 100 year-old houses must be nearly falling down by now, right?  Not at all.  Actually, they were built better than a lot of the new construction we see today.  They’re sturdy.  They’ve had the plumbing and electrical updated (thank God) and of course, they have newer furnaces and windows.

But I do have issues from time to time, with flooring, leaks, etc.  This rental had a leak under the bathroom floor, from the toilet.  When my tenants moved out, I discovered the toilet actually rocked like a rocking chair!  And the floor around it was very soft.  The floor had to be torn out because there had been a slow leak which eventually rotted the subfloor and part of the joist underneath.  Here’s the before picture — not good!

The bath vanity had seen its better days, so I found a new one on clearance for $30 at Home Depot, and got a piece of sheet vinyl on clearance as well.  My wonderful handyman Craig did the dirty work and within a couple days I had a brand new bathroom.

This is the finished product:

And voila!  The house is now ready for my next tenant.  Craig put down a new subfloor, along with a couple new joists, and it’s ready to go.

Older homes have their own issues . . . the windows may be older, and drafty.  The walls may be plaster, and uneven in places.  But they were built to last.  And they do.

If the major updates have been done, I don’t hesitate to buy an older house.  They have character, and they have a lot of quality built in.  I like that.

So don’t be fearful of those oldies . . . they’ll be around long after you and I are gone!

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