The Black Hole

My lease specifically states, “Make no changes without landlord’s permission.”  Freddie must’ve assumed I wouldn’t mind if he painted his living room BLACK.  Here’s the redo in progress:

I’d just been in his side of the duplex last month and these walls were the normal creamy off-white I always use.  I don’t know what possessed him to do this but I discovered it after I evicted him.

The white part on the left is where I’ve used Kilz to prime the walls before repainting.  The horizontal patch is his work . . . a half-assed attempt at repairing a hole in the wall.  (Sigh . . .)  Fortunately, the priming didn’t take long.  He only painted half the room black, so it was a quick fix.

What I’ve learned through the years is that you can have an excellent, airtight lease but that doesn’t necessarily mean people will follow it!  That’s why it’s important to do apartment checks from time to time.  (Although a check would’ve discovered this mess after the fact.)

The bottom line?  Some frustrations are unavoidable.  You do the best you can, take good care of your homes and tenants, have a great lease and hope they adhere to it.  And when they don’t, you threaten them or evict them, and move on.

This apartment will be ready to go in a couple days.  It’s in a nice area, so a “For Rent” sign in the yard may attract a friend or relative of someone who already lives on the street. I’m hopeful . . . onward and upward!   🙂

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