Shots Fired!

Okay, so my lease has a clause that says, “Keep music, TV and other noise low so neighbors aren’t bothered.”  Unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about gun shots fired or visits from the police.  😦

The Friday after Thanksgiving, at 11:30 PM, I got a call from a tenant in one of my duplexes, saying shots had been fired in the area, and there were police at the other side of the duplex.  Wonderful.  I didn’t get a call from the other tenants.  Hmmmm ….

I went down there the next day and of course, the tenants said it must have been a “drive by” because they don’t have any enemies, etc.  (Again, hmmmm…..)  The bullets went right through the two-inch thick wood front door and were embedded in the paneling in the living room.  Well, I’d had complaints and suspicions about these tenants previously re: drug activity and had the narcotics division check it out (to no avail), so I wasn’t buying their story.  I strongly suggested they move out and they acquiesced.

Here’s the bottom line:  if you suspect drug activity at one of your rentals, call the police and have them do surveillance.  And more importantly, put a clause in your lease to protect yourself, which I’ve done since this incident.  I’ve added a clause that states, “Police visits will not be tolerated.”  Enough said!  You need to be able to file eviction if there is police activity at one of your rentals, even if it’s domestic disturbance.  Putting that clause in your lease gives you the option to evict if you feel it is necessary.

We landlords can’t be at our rentals 24/7, and the best we can do is have an airtight lease to protect ourselves from tenants who are conducting illegal activity or creating disturbances on site.

When in doubt, get ’em out!

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