All We Need is Love …

I passed this house when I was at work yesterday and I was struck by the simple beauty of the message:


This home is in a pretty rough area.  The sign on the telephone pole advertises “CrimeWatch” for the neighborhood but evidently it hasn’t been effective.   Countless times I’ve driven by, there have been police cars out in front of various homes, with several individuals sitting on the lawn in handcuffs.  Drugs and gang-related crimes are prevalent.

But this homeowner is sending his own message, with his garage mural depicting the last supper, Jesus on the cross, praying hands and the written words, “Jesus Loves Peace.”  A beam of hope and light in an otherwise dark and sinister area of the inner city.

With the economy in a state of disarray, investors are snapping up vacant, foreclosed homes throughout the city, but the lower-income areas will lag behind the other (higher-end) areas.  There are tremendous bargains to be had in the inner city, and the return on the investment in rentals is excellent if you have the heart for it.

I’ve seen improvement in some areas, some rebuilding and rehabbing, and I’m hopeful it will continue.  But progress has been slow lately . . . onward and upward . . . or is it onward and sideways?

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