Keeping in Touch

Staying connected to your tenants is essential.  I write a tenant letter at the end of every month and deliver it to each of my properties, along with pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes for the next month’s rent.  Here’s the letter I’ll be dropping off this week:


A few reminders as we move into the colder weather:

  • If you haven’t taken your window air conditioners out, DO IT NOW!
  • Don’t put any furniture on top of ANY floor vents.
  • If the weather gets down under 15 degrees, leave a thin stream of hot AND cold water running from EVERY faucet in your house, including bath tubs.  Open cabinet doors under every sink, to let the warm air from the room into the cabinet.
  • Keep your heavy front doors shut at all times.  The storm door will not keep the cold air out.
  • On sunny days, open the curtains on the south side of the house to let the sun in!  It will help warm up the room!
  • Do NOT – EVER – use your stove or oven for heat!  This is dangerous, and if the stove is near the thermostat, the room will be so warm, the furnace won’t kick on.

Heavy trash day should be this Friday.  Make a neat pile, and don’t put it too close to your trash cans.  (The city won’t pick it up if you do.)

I will be coming around to do some apt. checks in the next week or two.  When you moved in, everything was CLEAN … stove tops, floors, counter tops, sinks, bath tubs … everything.  Does it still look great?  I’ll let you know before I come.

If your toilet is loose, or if it rocks, or if it runs – doesn’t completely shut off after you flush it – please call me!  This is a problem!

As we get close to Thanksgiving, I realize how lucky I am in so many ways.  Yes, life is hard, but I’m blessed with good health, good friends and family … and many of you who’ve been wonderful tenants. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday!   🙂

Barb   317-213-8361

These letters keep me connected to my tenants; they know I’m attentive and care about them and the homes in which they live.  It’s good for them, and good for me.

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