Gotta Do What You Gotta Do…

People refer to me as an entrepreneur, although I never think of myself as such.  So I felt very fortunate to be included in this recent book release:

The book recounts the trials and tribulations of 28 people, in their own words.  It’s difficult for me to consider myself an entrepreneur because I wasn’t the typical person who has a brainstorm or a passion and decides to “make it happen,” come hell or high water.  My scenario was different.  I’d lost my son and my marriage, was short on cash, and had to do something.  My entrepreneurship wasn’t exactly idea driven . . . it was driven by need and, well, panic.

The stories in this book are inspiring and draw from a wide variety of individuals.  It’s a good read, especially if you need a little spark in your entrepreneurial spirit.  Many of the people interviewed had a great idea, and just found a way to make it work.  For me, however, it was simply, “You gotta do what you gotta do . . .”

“Entrepreneur Intervention” gives details about embarking on ventures that enbale your being to soar, not drain the life out of you.  It’s a refreshing read, and a great gift for someone who is looking to start fresh or start over.  Lots of ideas here, lots of viewpoints . . . enjoy!


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