Sewer 911

Heavy equipment in the front yard is always a bad sign.  I’ve had plenty of drain issues at my rentals, but occasionally they reach the crisis level, as in this case:

The toilets and drains on both sides of my duplex were very slow a couple months ago, so I had my drain people come out and snake the main line.  No problem, right?  (Even though I warn them against it, my tenants sometimes put iinteresting items down the drains.  Toys, hair clips, empty toilet paper rolls, disposable razors, rubber bands, pens and pencils, etc.)  But when the same thing occurs two months later, it’s a definite red flag.

I had my drain people snake the main line, run a camera and — sure enough — there was a break in the clay tile under ground, in a couple places.  The cause?  Age and a big tree in the nieghbor’s yard.  Yes, those big old trees are beautiful, but not so beautiful when they work their way into your sewer lines and clog them up or break them down altogether!

This duplex is about 100 years old — much sturdier than some of the new construction we see today — but the clay tiles are also 100 years old, and they do have a life span.  Thus, the major excavation project that went down today.  Thank God I know Scott, who works for a commercial company but does side work.

There were two breaks in the line.  One was three feet deep, the other ten feet deep.  A full day of work to dig it all up and replace it, but half the cost of using another contractor.

It’ll take a while to make up this expense in rental income, but this event falls under the category of things I can’t control … gotta go with the flow and move through it …

Onward and upward … !

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