The Urban Rooster

I was driving down the alley behind one of my rentals and had to dodge this rooster as it sauntered across in front of my car.

It didn’t even flinch as it glanced my way, slowly making its way into this back yard.  Had it wandered away from the farm?  No … Where was it going?  Evidently, nowhere.  I sat and watched it for a few minutes.  It calmly stared back at me, then began pecking at the ground here and there.  The dog that was chained up next door barked wildly and the rooster ignored him, proceeding to stroll casually past the dog and into the next yard.  Amazing.  I’ve heard roosters crowing down there before but assumed they were caged.

I see all kinds of animals in my inner city neighborhood … pit bulls and rotweilers (lots of them — unfortunately — being mistreated or just running loose), ferrets on leashes, iguanas, exotic birds and snakes, feral cats and now, a homeless rooster?

Many of the animals I see aren’t owned by anyone.  They’re just running the streets, which isn’t healthy for them or the neighborhood.  It’s a sad situation.  In economically depressed areas, people struggle to take care of themselves, let alone a pet, so when times get tough, they just let the pet “go.”

I don’t allow pets in my rentals, although I make exceptions from time to time.  When I catch tenants with a dog or cat (or whatever) inside and force them to get rid of it immediately or be evicted, I’m sure some of these animals end up on the street, even though I encourage the tenant to give the animal to a friend, relative or the Humane Society.

Animal Control picks up the strays, most of whom haven’t been vaccinated and may be a hazard to the community, and many of them get euthanized.  It’s a sad, tough situation.

As for the rooster, this fearless fowl seems to be holding his own …

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