Sweat Equity … Literally

So we’re expecting temperatures in the mid- to high 90s here in Indy this week, with heat indices up to 112.  And of course, that lovely mid-summer midwest humidity, with dewpoints in the 70s, will create sauna-like conditions.  Ick.

But I have an empty house that needs a total redo.  Melissa moved out last week.  She did a good job of clearing everything out but the whole house (four bedrooms) needs to be painted, the carpet needs shampooing, and the kitchen and bathrooms need to be scrubbed.  So bring in the crew!  Um . . . that would be me.  When I saw this forecast on the news tonight I was less than thrilled because this rental has no central air.  Hmmm . . . the owner must be too damn cheap?  (LOL)

  My middle-income rentals have AC but I haven’t spent the extra $$ to have it installed in my other properties.  I allow my tenants to use window units.

So with this extreme heat, it’s going to be a long week for me, although I’m enlisting the help of a couple friends who will help paint for a few hours.  I’ll be taking my trusty oscillating fan which will move the hot air around a bit, and Carrie will bring her Ipod and speakers with some great tunes to help pass the time.  My “M.O.” has always been to do all I can on my own, to save money.  Paying someone else to do what I can do myself just doesn’t make sense.  (The paint job alone.would probably cost $1000 or more.)

If you own rentals and also have a full-time job, you’ll have time constraints and won’t be able to do much of your own work at your properties.  You’ll need to hire out some — or most — of the work and maybe get a property manager as well.  But if you buy smart (i.e. cheap) you’ll still make a good return on your investment.

But the more sweat equity you can put in, the better.  Every dollar I don’t pay out to someone else is a dollar that stays in my greedy little hands, and I like that.  So I’m putting a positive twist on this week’s work . . . I’m calling it my accelerated weight loss program.  Barb’s Boot Camp.  Wanna sign up?

Onward and upward!   🙂

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