Meet Cyndi . . .

As I’ve said many times, I don’t allow pets in my rental properties. Some of my tenants can barely take care of themselves, let alone a pet. People sneak them in sometimes, much to my dismay, and I give the ultimatum . . . the pet leaves immediately, or the tenant and the pet leave together.

But I’m a reasonable landlord. Cyndi came to look at my two-bedroom house, below. It was a nice little place, with a two-car garage and a fenced yard. Through talking to her I learned she had a dog, Belle, who’d been with her more than four years. Hmmm . . .

Normally, I would’ve kindly denied tenancy to the dog, even if she vowed to keep her outside. But I just had a good gut feeling about Cyndi and I acquiesced, after she reassured me that Belle was totally house trained and didn’t chew furniture or doors, etc. I’ve not regretted that decision. Sometimes it’s okay to bend the rules, you know?
Here’s a recent picture of Cyndi and Belle:

Cyndi has lived there happily for the past year and a half, but has recently been battling breast cancer. She had surgery a few months ago and is going through treatments now. Although these are making her weak, she’s handling her disease with strength and courage, with her beloved dog Belle at her side. I’m blessed to have her as a tenant and wish I had more like her . . . so Cyndi, here’s to you!

1 thought on “Meet Cyndi . . .

  1. You are an amazing landlord thank you so much for allowing my dog and for your kindness. Words alone can’t express my gratitude. Have a great day and once again i’m so thankful to have you as a landlord


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