Uh-oh . . . Bed Bugs

In my long landlording career, I’ve never had to deal with bed bugs.  That is, until last week.  Mia called to tell me she thought she had some in one of her bedrooms.  She’s an excellent tenant, keeps her unit very clean, and was understandably upset about the situation.  She’d only seen a couple, so she stopped sleeping in the room immediately.

Now, I have to admit, this isn’t really “my” problem.  There weren’t bugs in the house when Mia moved in.  These infestations happen through people who buy used furniture or bedding, or who travel and bring them in through their luggage.  From what I’ve read, hotels all over the world have had horrible issues with bed bugs over the past couple years.

But anyway, I wanted to help Mia get rid of the bugs.  I called my pest control company and was told the treatments are extremely expensive — hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the home and severity of the problem.  So I resorted to a product I actually had on hand, called Cedarcide (www.cedarcidestore.com).

It’s an all-natural cedar oil based product that works on fleas and other pests as well.  So, I told Mia she’d have to:

  • Take everything out of her drawers and closets
  • Wash and dry all clothing and bedding, dry them in a HOT dryer (very important)
  • Vacuum the entire floor, throw out the bag when done
  • Take the mattress and box spring off the bed frame and stand them up
  • Spray the floor, all surfaces of the mattress/box spring, inside and outside of the dresser and any other furniture with Cedarcide spray

A lot of work, huh?  But this is what needs to be done.  I took the spray to her and she followed my instructions.  The Cedarcide suffocates the bed bugs on contact, and also kills larvae and eggs.  It is safe for use around people and pets, and the cost is a little over $100 for a gallon of product.  Not bad at all, if it works!

I dropped the stuff off last week, and called Mia yesterday to find out how things were going.  She  hasn’t seen any bed bug activity.  So far, so good . . . I’ll check back with her in another week.

In the meantime, I communicated with Bethany Vale, who also sells a cedar oil product.  She was very impressive, as was her site, www.wholesalepesticides.com.  I will probably purchase from her, next time around.  Her product is a bit less expensive and she seemed very knowledgeable. Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, but this cedar oil stuff may be the answer.


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