Your Gifts, Others’ Needs

I “backed into” this career following the tragic death of my 17-year-old son and an ensuing divorce.  Definitely rough beginnings; I understand hardship and have compassion for those who struggle in this life.

We all have valuable skills and knowledge — gifts to share.  Some of us have been blessed financially as well.  I’ve become an excellent painter over the years.  Next week, I’m volunteering my time at a new facility for Outside The Box, which is a fantastic non-profit adult day program for adults with disabilities.  When challenged kids leave high school, their lives often hit the skids . . . they have no job, boredom sets in, the day programs are little more than babysitting . . . life at home can become unbearable for them and their parents as well.

Outside the Box began over two years ago with six clients.  The staff , starting with Megan Greek, the Director, is young, college-educated, innovative.  They enable their clients to grow — socially, mentally, emotionally, intellectually — and they help with obtaining employment.  This unique program has grown from six to 50+ clients with a wait list of almost 70.

Bursting at the seams, they’re moving to a new facility which needed renovation and — of course — paint!  (That’s where I come in.)  It’s a scary move for them financially, and they’re taking this leap of faith.  Companies and individuals have stepped up to help Outside The Box on this journey, though, and it should be ready in late June.  Exciting stuff!  Here’s Outside The Box’s webiste:

So, what are your gifts, and how can you share them?  What is your industry?  Plumbing, electrical, clothing, computer technology or repair, food service, flooring?  Whatever it is, there’s an organization out there — charitable or otherwise — that needs your help.

Combining your professional calling with your spiritual calling brings out the best in you and those around you.  It’s like a virus . . . a really good virus.  Pass it on!   🙂

1 thought on “Your Gifts, Others’ Needs

  1. You are an awesome landlord and I’m thankful and grateful to have found you even though you may be skeptical on renting to tenants with pets you did with me and that means alot to me. You are on top of things and these types of homeowners can be hard to find. Thanks for simply being you!!


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