Primetime Ready? Hmm…

So, I’ve been working on driving awareness for my brand, my blog, book and expertise in real estate investing in general and landlording in particular.  So I was thrilled to get this interview on a local TV channel.

Susanne McAlister was doing a show on female entreprenurs and I was one of two women featured on the show.  Susanne used to be with Channel 4 for over 15 years and now has her own show.  I didn’t know beforehand what questions would be asked and was fairly nervous, but Susanne is a delightful person and did a fantastic job of putting me at ease.

I do wish that camera took off lbs. instead of adding them . . . lol.  Anyway, for my first attempt, I’m just glad to have survived!

Onward and upward . . .

1 thought on “Primetime Ready? Hmm…

  1. Great interview! Love the mix of personal and business commentary. The host was right – some people will (and should) decide NOT to jump into the business – but others may be convinced they have what it takes. Good job Barb!


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