Meet Calvin . . .

This is Calvin.  He’s orignially from Gary, IN, 50 years old and on disability.  Calvin’s been with me for almost five years now, which makes him one of my longest-term tenants.

When he came to apply, I took his application and asked him some history.  He’d been on disability since the age of 40.  “My body was all swole up.  My arms and legs looked like a elephant.  My heart was all full o’ water.”  He was suffering congestive heart failure at that young age, and was forced to quit work as a roofer/painter.

He received $1000/month and the rent was $530, all utilities paid.  He assured me he lived simply and could afford it, and needed to get out of where he was.  The neighborhood was bad.  I checked with his landlord to make sure he was current, and took a drive by the place.  “Bad” didn’t come close.  It was downright scary.  (And it takes a lot for me to say that.)

Although I questioned his financial ability to handle it long term, I approved Calvin for the apartment.  There was just something about him . . . a gentle, sweet man . . . so I went with my gut.  Now, my gut doesn’t always steer me in the right direction, I must admit.  But Calvin keeps his place clean and has never been late with his rent.  His health is an issue but he manages it well.

I asked him permission to write this blog piece about him.  He didn’t know what a blog was but agreed when I explained I was going to start highlighting some of my wonderful tenants every month, and wanted to start with him.  I think I actually saw him blush behind that dark skin!  He was delighted.

So Calvin, here’s to you . . . may I be fortunate to find many more like you down the road!    🙂

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