Re: Marketing You, Marketing Me

My last post was about Social Media — something I was not excited about getting myself into, after my book came out.  I’ve been working on securing more press attention, i.e. interviews with print and broadcast media, and speaking engagements.  And Social Media is a key ingredient in “putting yourself out there,” as I mentioned.

So my nephew Jay dragged me — kicking and screaming — into it all.  And I must say, it’s been an interesting and rewarding journey.

I just wanted to tell you what happened after I posted my blog piece about Social Media/Jay who works in PR at Orbitz, etc. . .

I received an email from him early the next morning.  When he got to work, someone at Orbitz had forwarded him a link to my blog piece with the attached comment:  “Hey Jay, this article appears to be about you?”

My blog article had been picked up immediately by Orbitz’s tracking tools!  And that, my friends, says it all.  Thats says it all about the far-reaching value of Social Media.  No more whining from me.  Other companies, including Google and people who use it, will pick up on what you say and take notice.  They’ll be drawn to your web presence and voila!  Your brand, your exposure, will increase.

I’m all in . . . Are you??

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