Marketing You, Marketing Me

I’ve never been a big fan of self-promotion.  It’s difficult for me . . . just doesn’t feel right.  So when I wrote my book and it was time to “put myself out there,” I struggled.  My nephew Jay, a smartypants PR guy currently with Orbitz, gave me guidance, i.e. got in my face and told me I had to get into the social media scene. 

“Barb, you need a web presence, you need to create a Facebook page and a Landlord Chronicles page and get on Twitter.”  My whiny response was, “Do I have to??”  And he basically told me I’d need to jump into the 21st century and do this stuff if I expected to succeed.  So with his help, I did all that stuff, although I have to admit, I don’t really “get” the whole Twitter thing.  Jay has it set up so that when I do a post on my Landlord Chronicles page, it automatically  shows up on my Twitter page — ?? — I think it may be voodoo, like fax machines.

Peter Shankman is an entrpreneur who started a very successful social media company and he maintains that,  ” The biggest problem with Social Media is that too many people talk about it and not enough people ACTUALLY USE IT TO GENERATE REVENUE.”  He wrote an informative blog post directed at small to medium business owners who want to drive revenue through social media:   Seven Ways for Small Biz To Generate Revenue With Social Media RIGHT NOW.   It’s an interesting read.

In additon to being interviewed by a few months back, I’ll be profiled on a local TV show soon.  However, I need to drive local awareness for my book and my brand . . . speaking at our local Lions Club last night was truly enjoyable, but to further promote myself, I’ll need to secure additional interviews with newspapers, magazines, etc.  That will involve continued effort through social media outlets, emails, phone calls and networking through friends and business associates . . . sigh . . . I wish all of you business people luck as you navigate your way through the maze of social media.  It’s the wave of today and the future, and you’d best jump in.  If you don’t, you’ll be left in the dust.

Onward and upward!     🙂

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