There’s a Fungus Amungus …

Victor and Tawana were moving on.  They’d been with me for about two years and it was an up and down relationship.  They were nice people, quiet, paid the rent in a timely manner for the most part.  They did fall behind a couple of times.  Tawana was the only one with a job; Victor was always looking for a job, supposedly, but he was at home every time I stopped by. 

What was the “down” part of the relationship, you ask?  They’d obviously moved from a larger place into my one bedroom unit.  The had stuff stacked from the floor to the ceiling — literally — in a couple of the rooms.  Wish I’d taken a couple of pictures.  It would blow you away.   Now, you can’t kick someone out for having a lot of stuff.  My issue arose because the person on the other side of the duplex called to complain about roaches and, when I came to treat the house (both sides) I realized their side was the source of the problem. 

I do apartment checks occasionally and Tawana and Victor’s place was sometimes clean, sometimes questionable.  Many of my tenants don’t need to be monitored for cleanliness, but there are always a few . . . so I wasn’t unhappy to hear of their impending move, although I knew there’d be a major cleaning/paint job ahead.  No big deal.  I have it down to a science.

I gave her the usual spiel (“Make sure you leave it clean and empty”) and left it at that.  Two days after they were to be out, she texted me and said I’d have to do most of the cleaning.  They got most of the stuff out, but then her “back gave out” before she could get it cleaned.  I called her and said, “What about Victor’s back?”  She told me he has a metal plate in his leg.  Oh.  Well, that explains it then, doesn’t it?  I didn’t even go there.

I went in the next day to start the overhaul.  There wasn’t much trash upstairs but they left quite a bit in the basement.  (Sigh…)  After I got that out the cleaning process could begin.  Actually, the walls weren’t bad at all . . . they were protected by all the items stacked high all around. 

I decided to start the cleaning with the kitchen area, specifically the sink and counter.  I opened up the cabinet under the sink and realized it had been leaking for quite a while and they probably didn’t notice.  It was really wet under there.  As I scrubbed the sink with Barkeepers Friend, my foot kept bumping up against something at the base of the cabinet.  Finally, I bent down to check it out.  Here’s what I found:

A firm, healthy, mushroom!  That’s a first, I must say.  The climate — with all the dampness under that sink — must’ve been just perfect for sprouting this thing.  I couldn’t believe it!

I had to leave a short list of items for my handyman to take care of, so of course, item # 3 was “Look on the floor under the kitchen sink.  Are you hungry?”  I just can’t help myself.  Humor has gotten me through lots worse than this. 

Anyway, the place — three days later — is ready to go.  The mushroom has been harvested (lol) and the whole apartment is sparkling clean, looks and smells great, and is ready for a wonderful tenant.  I’m showing it to a couple of prospects tomorrow.

Oh, and Tawana called and asked if she could get some deposit money back.  Talk about a sense of humor!

Onward and upward . . .      🙂

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